About The B Edit

Work with people who get why you love what you do.

That’s The B Edit — A full service food media and marketing company build from a love of making good art out of the everyday. We love brainstorms, moodboards, and creative sparks, but we also love brand-building strategy that leads to sustainable business.

We’re based in NYC, but so ready to travel wherever you need.

What does The B Edit mean?

It’s a bit of a secret. And it’s also holds different meanings for different people. Here are a few definitions we really like:

B for Bite: We focus on food, so this makes sense, right?

The B Team: We’re a small, quirky company that cares more about being innovative and creative than being featured in Forbes. We like being the little guy. It’s more personal that way. If this were hockey, we’d be the Mighty Ducks. If this were Space Jam we’d be the Tunes Squad.

The Bold Edit: We’re the second photo edit you try after you’ve done the safe, standard one. We’re not afraid to try new things. We learned the rules of design so we could break them at the right times.

B for Brave: It takes a lot of bravery to put your creativity on the line in the form of a business. It’s risky financially, and it opens you up to criticism. The B Edit was a leap of faith that paid off due to brave determination. We’re willing to bet your business started that way, too.

Be Editing: Continual self-improvement is a key value of ours. We’re always working on growing our creative skills and expanding our business reach. It’s a work that is never finished and that’s what keeps it exciting. 


Moriah - Founder, Photographer, and Resident Coffee Addict

Meet Moriah

Moriah Sawtelle is the founder and lead creative here at The B Edit. She has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Technology with a focus in Web Design and Development and User Experience Design.

Moriah has photographed in notable restaurants across the US including True Food Kitchen and Perrine at The Pierre Hotel. She has also created photography and recipe content for brands such as Simple Mills, Purely Elizabeth, Carrington Farms, Lily’s Sweets, and more. She’s also an author with her first book being released in February 2022. But aside from the food photograpy world, Moriah also has over 6 years of experience building custom WordPress websites, and experience working on different creative teams spanning rebrands and social media campaigns to website overhauls. 

For Moriah, creativity has always been about the optimism. There’s nothing she loves more than using her lens to capture the optimistic, detail-oriented creativity of the people she works with, whether it’s a product, restaurant, dish, or other passion project.

Aside from running B Edit, Moriah writes about creativity and cooking at moriahbrooke.com or can be found standing in line for coffee somewhere in the West Village. Whatever the adventure is, she’s here for it. 


Our Mission:

The B Edit specializes in commercial food photography and marketing that goes beyond surface level, exploring how we can capture and share the story at the core of your brand

We create brand-focused photography and marketing collateral that does your creativity justice, allowing you to stand above the noise to attract and connect with your audience.